Adaptive Optics Deformable Mirrors Wavefront Sensors

Shack-Hartman wavefront sensors : a very effective technology

Shack-Hartman wavefront sensors are made by placing a lenslet array between a refracting telescope and a digital camera. The image is transferred to a software which is able to analyze the wavefront and to measure its aberration.

Shack-Hartman wavefront sensors are the bestsellers for any wavefront application.

The Highest Sensitivity

Wide Spectral Range

High Speed

Our Shack-Hartman wavefront sensors are equipped with the best digital cameras available on the market, to fit perfectly your application.
By using the proper digital camera and adapted optics, our Shack-Hartman wavefront sensors can cover a wide spectral range.
A Shack-Hartman wavefront sensor equipped with a good camera and good software is able to operate at very high speeds.

Our Shack-Hartman wavefront sensors are very competitive:

Spectral range

122 nm (Far UV) to 10.6 m (far IR)

Aperture Diameter

4 600 mm

Microlens diameter

Down to 150 m

Dynamic range

Up to 50 lambda


Down to lambda/150 rms


Up to 2 kHz



Shack-Hartman wavefront sensors

Wavefront parameters displayed:

PV Error
Spherical Aberration

RMS wavefront error
Focus Error
Zernike polynomial terms

Seidel Aberrations
Bessel Functions

Fringe Representation
2D & 3D Wavefront Image representation

Laser Beam Characterization Parameters (Beam Profiler):

Laser Beam Irradiance image in 2D & 3D
Measurement of M2

Measurement of laser beam diameter
Measurement of Beam Divergence

Measurement of beam waist & location
Far-field Irradiance Distribution (PSF)

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